NRZs Citywide

The Black Rock NRZ is one out of 8 Neighborhood Revitalization Zones within the City of Bridgeport. The eight NRZs are the East Side, East End, Mill Hill, the Hollow, Black Rock, West Side, South End and Reservoir.

To determine which NRZ operates in your neighborhood, click here.NRZ_Map

To learn more about meeting schedules, contact:

Housing and Community Development
Alma L. Maya, 203-576-7556

Black Rock
Scott Burns, 860-638-7208

East End
Keith Williams, 203-260-6731

East Side
Joel Rosario, 203-685-2930

The Hollow
Sonia Moncrieffe, 203-229-5736

Mill Hill
Francisco Borres, Jr,  203-209-9306

South End
Carmen Nieves, 203-727-9229

Linda Christie

West Side
Frank Borres, 203-366-5033

NRZ Citywide Leadership Council
Frank Borres, 203-366-5033