Strategic Plan

The priorities and goals of the Black Rock NRZ, and the actions needed to achieve those goals are outlined in the Black Rock NRZ Strategic Plan and updated in the 2020 Annual Report.

The following is a summary of the goals outlined in the NRZ Strategic Plan:

Environment and Open Space

  • Participate in design of improvements to Ellsworth Park
  • Participate in design of improvements to P.T. Barnum Park
  • Develop Black Rock Waterfront Linear Park

Arts, Culture & Entertainment

  • Develop a strategic plan for the Arts, Culture and Entertainment Industry in Black Rock (include place for interface with business and economic development plans)
  • Identify developer/funding and sites for artist and entertainment venues including live/work spaces, an arts center and multi-use performance venues.
  • Develop a public art plan to commission juried public arts.

Zoning, Land Use, Historic Preservation

  • Develop guidelines for and ratify the Conservation Overlay Zone
  • Influence ordinance re-draft to include denial of zone changes in historic districts
  • Develop preservation loan program
  • Draft and promote dock ordinance
  • Pursue alternative development options for 340-344 Brewster Street

Business and Economic Development

  • Establish a liaison within the City for business and neighborhood development in Black Rock
  • Eliminate inappropriate commercial uses
  • Identify, encourage, and support high-priority development
  • Create incentives for sustainable development
  • Plan for the further development of Brewster Street

Design Review and Development Standards

  • Establish Black Rock Village District and guidelines
  • Create commercial rehabilitation and facade improvement programs
  • Develop plan for streetscape improvements

Circulation, Access, Transportation & Parking

  • Develop neighborhood gateways
  • Improve existing municipal parking lots
  • Provide traffic lights or other traffic calming devices at trouble intersections
  • Investigate potential for foot bridge across Ash Creek
  • Enable bicycle access in Black Rock
  • Implement on-street parking regulations
  • Develop parking plan for Black Rock Library
  • Explore expansion of municipal parking on available sites

Quality of Life

  • Increase communication between the City, public safety, and the community
  • Advocate for a police officer position dedicated to Black Rock


  • Improve infrastructure at Black Rock schools
  • Increase children’s access to education, including transportation to neighborhood events
  • Emphasize partnerships within Black Rock
  • Identify additional funding for gaps in education
  • Support keeping Black Rock School as a neighborhood school