Trees and Power

UI Tree Cutting Program

United Illuminating is coming into Black Rock to cut down/prune trees as part of their “Vegetation Management Plan.” UI/Lewis Tree Service rep, Charlie Arrindell is currently going door-to-door in Black Rock.  We have put together a helpful information packet that will help to guide homeowners through the process of  interacting with Charlie.  Download information packet by clicking here..


This map shows the area currently being targeted.

Circuit 2663

“#STOP THE CHOP!” Just say, NO!

In addition to the packet, we have put together an instructional video of what to do when UI comes to your door and asks if they can cut down a tree. This part of their process has already begun. Watch the video to get info and details – watch till the end, where there is a SAMPLE of the form they would leave at your door and how you should respond.

Please also, “LIKE” the Facebook page, “Bpt Tree Defenders“, where we will be sharing more info regarding the tree situation. If you are unsure about what your tree rights are as a homeowner, please get in touch with us so we can help.